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I am trying to create a notebook from my app. The problem is I cannot create the notebook.

EDAMNotebook *notebook = [[EDAMNotebook alloc]init]; = @" List";
EDAMNote *createdNote = [noteStore createNotebook:authToken :notebook];

Xcode tells me that noteStore does not exist. I tried importing NoteStore.h but that file does not exist.

So can someone please provide me with some code on how to create a notebook as well as a note in iOS.

Thank you.

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noteStore is the name of an instance variable. If you haven't created and initialized it, then it does not exist.

What you probably want to do is call [NoteStore createNotebook:authToken :notebook]. In the current version of the Evernote SDK, you would want to include EvernoteNoteStore.h and add the following line of code before noteStore is referenced:

EvernoteNoteStore *noteStore = [EvernoteNoteStore noteStore];

This will get the shared instance of the EvernoteNoteStore which you can use to create a new notebook.

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Thanks. But I still cannot create a notebook. Here is what I have: EvernoteNoteStore *noteStore = [EvernoteNoteStore noteStore]; EDAMNotebook *notebook = [[EDAMNotebook alloc]init]; EDAMNotebook *created = [noteStore createNotebook:notebook success:(EDAMNotebook *notebook)success failure:^(NSError *error)failure];// What do I put for success and faliure?? – user1396737 Jun 25 '12 at 15:45
success and failure indicate blocks where code will run if the request succeeds or fails, respectively. Check this file starting at line 40 for something similar to what you're doing. – inkedmn Jul 3 '12 at 17:08

we cant create the notebook we can create only notes but not notebook

I Posted answer here

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