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I have a BlackBerry 9700 BOLD and a Samsung Galaxy SIII and I need to transfer as much of my contact info from the BB to the Galaxy SIII. I already know that if I save numbers on my SIM card they will be transferred but I can't save everything on it.

I read a lot of articles about using "Google Sync" app for black berry to sync with Google's cloud and then back to android again. But the problem is that I went there now http://www.google.com/mobile/sync/ and it seems they stopped BlackBerry support for Google Sync.

So my question is how to sync as much of my data from black berry to my android phone without using Google Sync?

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Save the contacts on the SIM from your BlackBerry 9700 and then just put the SIM in the Android Phone. You should be able to import your contacts from the Contacts screen from the SIM card.

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Just FYI, I already mentioned what you said in my post and the best way to migrate contacts was to use an app called RainboContacts. – george_h Jun 23 '12 at 22:56

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