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How do I rewrite:

NSUInteger options = kCFCalendarUnitYear | kCFCalendarUnitMonth | kCFCalendarUnitDay;

To Ruby for Rubymotion?

Thanks :)

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Almost the exact same way. The only difference really is that since Ruby requires constants to start with a capital letter, you must use a capital K instead:

options = KCFCalendarUnitYear | KCFCalendarUnitMonth | KCFCalendarUnitDay
# returns 28, same as in Objective-C.
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Grand! thanks :) –  bodacious Jun 22 '12 at 17:03

Dylan Markow's answer is correct. Sometimes you might also want to create a bitmask from an array of values programmatically and you don't have the luxury of using the bitwise or operator directly.

For instance:

options = []
options << KCFCalendarUnitYear
options << KCFCalendarUnitMonth
options << KCFCalendarUnitDay

A nice little trick here is to use inject like so:


It has the added advantage of looking like the face of a monkey.

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thanks for the laugh! (:|) –  Dan Hixon Mar 15 '14 at 19:05

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