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I am doing a specific search for "types=cafe" and "keyword=Coffee%20Shops" and the icon returned for most establishments is the "restaurant" (fork and spoon) icon. Is there a way to format the request to receive the "cafe" icon, which is a coffee cup image? This is the url search string:,-87.94816&sensor=false&rankby=distance&keyword=Coffee%20Shops&types=cafe&key=mykey

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I have reported this as a bug and it should be fixed asap.

In the mean time you could just use for any place that has type cafe.

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when does the bug that return more types or other types will be fixed, this is critical


return other types like "store", "cafe", "food", "establishment" why not only cafe if i wanted more i should ask for more like types=cafe|store..

thank you.

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