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BG Experience: Basic C++,Java -> Advanced PHP -> Advanced Java -> and recently playing with ruby and love it. All in the past 8 years.

I need to single-handedly create an ETL software for a system made up of different processes that validate, push through, update, change XML assets. I'm thinking aloud so humor me:

Current the information is pulled off these processes using a bunch of different perl and shell scripts and tacked on in a CSV and put into a MySQL DB table and queried for analytical and tracking purposes.

I'm aware of activewarehouse-etl gem for ruby and decided it may be alot for me to take on (black box), it's still a bit immature (No tutorial, highly undocumented) and my data doesn't fit nicely into cubes.

My Plan: Multi-threaded (yes I know ruby has green threads), so I'd like to use Deamonize to run each script as a process. Each script will be composed of three things: 1. an Extractor 2. a Transformer 3. a Loader

Extractor will use custom plugins that can pull data from different formats (XML, CSV, Directory). Transformers will be specific to the source. TransformerXYZ will know how to massage data from ProcessXYZ.

If I was building this in Java, I'd have Templates and interfaces to re-use as much of the code as possible and planning to do the same with Ruby. (Do I make these modules? Plugins?)

Loaders will consist of knowing what data is coming ouf the Transformer and where it's going, e.g. a flat file or Email, or most likely: a DB Table.

The desired affect is to define all these scripts in a Config file that will define each of the necessary parameters for Extractors, Transformer, Loader. That way I can add, change, remove processes without touching the code. :) I've done this in Java.

The only question remains is how the Extractor, Transformer, Loader plugins/modules/object communicate. RPC? JSON? Is there some type of queue? The Extractor should read files with 100k lines. I should not load it all into memory and process files in batches and pass it along to the transformer. I'd like these to be independent, so if one ETL script crashes, others are not affected.


Got any "gotcha" questions for me?

Any articles, gems, ruby code for me to check out and explore?

Is Daemonize the best way to kick off ruby processes?

Am I going about this all wrong?

Thanks for any and all feedback.

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I understand this code base will evolve, but the more design options I have up front, the better it is compared to completely changing coarse 6-months down the road. –  dlite922 Jun 22 '12 at 16:17
I suggest to keep it simple. You can always over-engineer later. That's how I would do: build the simplest thing possible that works. –  Sergio Tulentsev Jun 22 '12 at 16:19

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