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So I like the custom multi select control that jquery-mobile has and want to use it. So please don't suggest put data-role="none". But I just don't want the default behavior of the select list to open up in a new dialog window if the list of options is long.

Reason I don't want that behaviour is that it is not working so well on the ipad. It becomes tough to close it using the "X" on the left of the dialog. For some reason, it is becoming unresponsive on the ipad, but works fine on the desktop.

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So dug really deep into the jquery mobile javascript (it was painful) to find out where this decision of going full screen is made for the multi select list. This code tells me that there is no flag as such that I can set to avoid it.

However, since it is dependent on the height of the list (menuHeight), the fix that worked for me was to make some css changes (reduced padding for each list item) so that my list size was reduced:

.ui-selectmenu-list li .ui-btn-inner a.ui-link-inherit
    padding: .5em 15px .5em 15px;    

If you want to be dead sure to not show the dialog, then a dirty fix would be to put some override in your local copy of the jquery mobile code (I hate to do this but that's the only way):

//TODO: vishalkumar : I can override here by replacing below line by if (false)           
if (menuHeight > screenHeight - 80 || !$.support.scrollTop) {

                self.menuPageContent = menuPage.find(".ui-content");
                self.menuPageClose = menuPage.find(".ui-header a");

                // prevent the parent page from being removed from the DOM,
                // otherwise the results of selecting a list item in the dialog
                // fall into a black hole

                //for WebOS/Opera Mini (set lastscroll using button offset)
                if (scrollTop == 0 && btnOffset > screenHeight) {
                    self.thisPage.one("pagehide", function () {
                        $(this).jqmData("lastScroll", btnOffset);

                self.menuPage.one("pageshow", function () {
                    self.isOpen = true;

                self.menuType = "page";
                self.menuPage.find("div .ui-title").text(self.label.text());
                $.mobile.changePage(self.menuPage, {
                    transition: $.mobile.defaultDialogTransition
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