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I need help about softwares like MAMP, Wamp Server & ... to managing both php & mysql on mac os x. can u share me somthing like a list that will do this to me? it's to important for me cause i am switching from windows to mac for my develop & programming skills...

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MAMP or MAMP Pro are pretty good ways to go for setting up a dev environment on a Mac. If you're having a specific configuration issue, you can contact their support. Otherwise, you'll have to be much more specific about what help you need and what you've tried so far. –  Jazz Jun 22 '12 at 16:47

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You should seriously look into Zend Server Community Edition. It is amazing software that many PHP professionals use. It pairs with Zend Studio, which is a great IDE, and allows you to manage your HTTP server, MySQL and PHP config through the click of a few buttons.

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