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I created the sandbox account, in this account I created an account for seller and for buyer. Now I would need to get Encrypted Payment Settings, but when I click on PROFILE link in the dashboard, I see just inputs for my name...

I am trying to follow this tutorial: http://www.fortytwo.gr/blog/14/Using-Paypal-with-Rails

What am I missing?

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Paypal's not the most user friendly website. The tutorial you're following is quite old and they've changed the website workflow considerably since then.

Go to Test Accounts, create a business account if you didn't already. Select the newly created business account and click on "Enter Sandbox Test Site". You'll be redirected to a new login screen, enter your test business account login credentials. Now you'll see a full fledged Paypal business account. Click on profile and you'll see Encrypted Payment Settings there.

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