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In my table "accounts" I have four columns like

user, pass, column1, column2 I need to insert value into column2, where user='special_user_value'. How can I do this?

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UPDATE accounts
SET    column2 = 'New Value'
WHERE  user = 'special_user_value';
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You don't "insert values" into a column. You insert a row, that has a value for all the columns you specified in the table creation; Just like a real table, or excel sheet for that matter.

If you need to change a column value for a specific row, you can use UPDATE:

UPDATE table_name SET column2='new value' WHERE user='special_user_value'

This is a really basic example. If you follow the link I provided for UPDATE, you may learn more about changing table values for a specific row.

If are you looking for actually inserting a new row with a specific value for that column, there's INSERT INTO you could follow to achieve that.

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UPDATE Accounts SET column2='NewValue' WHERE user='special_user_value'
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Use update Query
Update table_nm set field1=value1, Field2=value2 Where condition;

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