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I would like to remove the configuration out of my app.js and split it into severall files:

/config/app.js (for the whole app.configure(function(){});)

and /config/view.js (for the template engine configuration)

Unfortunatly javascript doesn't know any include function and I would like to avoid to write an own.

So what is the best approach do split the configuration from app.js?


module.exports = function(app, express, passport){
    app.use(express.session({ secret: 'kitty'}));
    app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/public'));
    app.set('views', __dirname + '/views');
    app.set('view options', { layout: false });

var config = require('./config/app.js')
var app = module.exports = express.createServer();


var app = express.createServer();
var config = require('./config/app.js')(app, express, passport);
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What do you mean there is no include function? You use require and you're there! – freakish Jun 22 '12 at 17:36
Hi, I updated the Post. This was what I tried first but this doesn't work, I get an error. – dev.pus Jun 22 '12 at 17:52
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You seem to use require incorrectly. Do it like this:


var app = express.createServer();
var config = require('./config')(app);


module.exports = function(app) {
    app.configure(function () {
        /* etc */
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Hi, I had to overgive the function all dependencies. I have updated my post. This would work now but is not very smart. Is there a way maybe to map all dependencies into an array or an object and than overgive only this one while keeping the short var name of the dependency. – dev.pus Jun 22 '12 at 19:18
Actually the only thing you need to pass is app object. You can load all other libraries in config.js module. There is no way to make this process automatic. – freakish Jun 23 '12 at 7:05

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