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My ANT build script uses a WebSphere command called createEJBStubs that produces a JAR file with everything plus one new generated class, namely: com/myapp/services/_User_Service_Stub.class.

Since this stub class is only used for running JUnit tests at dev time, I would like it to be in its own JAR file.

How can I tell ANT to copy everything in AAA.JAR that matches, say, _*Stub.class and copy only those files into BBB.JAR (also, maintaining the same directory/package structure)?

Any ideas or pointers would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks,


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Ok -- answering my own question -- that was surprisingly easy. Sorry I asked.

<unzip src="AAA.JAR" dest="./temp">
    <include name="**/_*Stub.class" />

<zip destfile="BBB.JAR" basedir="./temp" />

Thanks ANT.

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Did you try answer from stackoverflow.com/questions/3837073/… - that avoids unzip. –  Jayan Jun 23 '12 at 6:16
No, but I will, thanks! –  Robert Hume Jun 23 '12 at 15:02

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