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I have a project that contains many 3rd party libraries (jquery, RequiresJS, etc to name a few) that i would like to keep up to date and in sync with their upstream projects from within that parent project.

Most of the posts that I have seen about this talk about the need to modify those libraries and keep those changes properly committed and merged to their upstream projects. I do not have this requirement, so read only access is all that is needed.

I have read that git submodules is the way to handle this, but am not sure about this approach as i am fairly new to git.

1) It appears that 'git submodule add git://github.com/example.git' clones the entire project into a sub-directory, but most of the times i am just looking to keep one or a few core file(s) in sync as to not pollute my parent project with unnecessary files.

Take for example RequireJS :

The only required file is the one I have in my application in the following location:


I don't want to clone or sync the entire project and have all all those other files and directories (like examples, docs, tests etc) in my local folders which would subsequently all get checked into my SVN repo.

2) Sometimes it could be that the core files that i am looking to keep in sync do not match the directory (or even filename) of the ones in the github project.. eg: /assets/js/libs/foo/bar.js where on the third party library's github it might be in /src/core/bar.1.1.js

3) I also want to automate this process of say writing a batch script to do a regularly scheduled Pull to keep them in sync automatically or least by manually running one script daily or something like that..

What would be the best strategy and or process to accomplish a systemic programmatic approach to handle this? Submodules? Or should i maybe fork these projects, clone them in their entirety to my local machine and then run pull requests against them all from within a batch script? .....Perhaps then having another batch script cherry pick just the file(s) that i need from the local repository and copy them into my parent project?

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git submodule ? –  Rustem Jun 22 '12 at 18:33
For #3, git submodule foreach git fetch should work. #2 might be solvable with symbolic links if you're on an OS that supports them, otherwise a short script to make copies of things. I don't think #1 is possible with git submodule - git doesn't store the history for a bunch of individual files, it stores a history of project snapshots, so you can't easily pull out individual files. –  twalberg Jun 22 '12 at 18:54
is that a question about syntax? –  user1475540 Jun 22 '12 at 18:55
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If you only need certain files I would forgo the sub module route. I would do what you also suggest, clone the repositories in separate local directories, and then cherry pick the files you need, with cherry pick I'm not referring to git cherrypick but just a copy statement.

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thanks, that is exactly what I ended up doing... –  user1475540 Jun 23 '12 at 13:18
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