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I have a function in a powershell script that is supposed to untar my CppUnit.tar.bz2 file. I have installed 7-zip, and in my function I have the following:

Function untar ($targetFile) {        
        $z ="7z.exe"

        $defaultDestinationFolder = 'C:\Program Files\'
        $destinationFolder = (Get-Item $defaultDesitantionFolder).fullname

        $tarbz2Source = $targetFile
        & "$z" x -y $tarbz2Source

        $tarSource = (get-item $targetFile).basename
        & "$z" x -y $tarSource -o $destinationFolder

        Remove-Item $tarSource

Running this extracts all the files where I want them, BUT all the files get ",v" as their ending:

Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\estring.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestSuite.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\Test.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestCase.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TextTestResult.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\Makefile.am,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestSuite.cpp,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\Exception.cpp,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\cppunit.dsw,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestFailure.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestCaller.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestResult.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TextTestResult.cpp,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestRegistry.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestFailure.cpp,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\Exception.h,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestRegistry.cpp,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\cppunit.dsp,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestResult.cpp,v
Extracting  cppunit-cvs-repo-archive\cppunit\cppunit\Attic\TestCase.cpp,v

Everything is Ok

Folders: 149
Files: 1128
Size:       20671974
Compressed: 21626880

Can anyone tell me how I can fix this?

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The ,v suffix indicates that these are not the files themselves, but version history files maintained by CVS - each ,v file contains not only the latest version of the file, but the deltas to reconstruct any previous version of the file. The fact that they're all in an Attic subdirectory indicates that they were all removed via cvs remove at some point. These and the fact that the base directory is cppunit-cvs-repo-archive says you need to treat the unpacked archive as a CVS repository, and use the appropriate tools to check out the files you want to work with, not just "fix" what looks like wrong names...

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Aha, thanks. That's indeed the solution! – Janne Beate Bakeng Jun 22 '12 at 19:21
Downloaded the correct cppunit package, ran the function and it's all good. :) – Janne Beate Bakeng Jun 22 '12 at 19:23

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