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I'm trying to use a DataTable, filled by a MySqlDataAdapter, which contains a list of comments for a blog entry. For some reasons, if the field "anonymous" is set to "1", the username field is empty and should be replaced with a specified string.

The problem I have is that whenever I try to get the value of the field, I get either "true" or "false". My code looks like this:

DataTable modifiedComments = new DataTable();
// The function GetCommentsById() returns a MySqlDataAdapter with the result of the query
MySqlDataAdapter commentsContainer = Wb.Entry.GetCommentsById(imageId);

    foreach (DataRow row in modifiedComments.Rows)
            string status;
            // This never returns true, so we always get into the else
            if (row["anonymous"] == "1")
                    status = "You are anonymous";
                    status = "You are not anonymous";

        viewImageCommentsRepeater.DataSource = modifiedComments;
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The field is probably a "bit" field type, which maps to Boolean in ADO.NET

Simply check for true or false:

if ((bool)row["anonymous"])
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