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All, have I gone mental (this is not the question). I want to convert List<string[]> to List<object[]>

List<string[]> parameters = GetParameters(tmpConn, name);
List<object[]> objParams = parameters.OfType<object[]>();

this is not working, but unless I have forgotten something a conversion using this method should be possible (no Lambdas needed)?

Thanks for your time.

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...OfType<TargetType>() –  user166390 Jun 22 '12 at 18:54

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You want to use something like:

List<object[]> objParams = parameters.OfType<object[]>().ToList();

or in C# 4.0, just

List<object[]> objParams = parameters.ToList<object[]>();


List<object[]> objParams = parameters.ConvertAll(s => (object[])s);
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So silly. Thanks dude, been a long Friday... –  Killercam Jun 22 '12 at 18:53

OfType<string[]> returns an IEnumerable<string[]>, not a List<object[]>.

Enuemrable.OfType filters out any invalid casts. You may want to consider Enumerable.Cast instead ,which will throw if you make a mistake. If string[] doesn't inherit from object[] (I honestly don't remember), you may need to call Enumerable.Select to provide a conversion.

You definately need a Enumerable.ToList call in there somewhere.

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Because of array covariance, in .NET 4.0, you can just do:

// Works because:
// a) In .NET, a string[] is an object[]
// b) In .NET 4.0, an IEnumerable<Derived> is an IEnumerable<Base>              
var result = parameters.ToList<object[]>();

But note that you wouldn't be able to mutate those arrays with anything other than strings (since array covariance isn't truly safe).

If you want truly flexible writable object arrays, you can do:

var result = parameters.Select(array => array.ToArray<object>())


var result = parameters.ConvertAll(array => array.ToArray<object>());

Then you could replace the elements of each inner array with instances of pretty much any type you please.

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Thanks for this. However, dispite my origonal typed question. The first of the above is what I tried but without var, why in this case does var make the crucial difference - I suppose the answer is that it is doing the cast ToList() for me. Awsome really... Thanks for your time. –  Killercam Jun 22 '12 at 19:17
var isn't required, you could do List<object[]> result = parameters.ToList<object[]>();, so I'm not sure where your original attempt went wrong. –  Ani Jun 22 '12 at 19:22

How about doing it this way

List<string[]> sList = new List<string[]> {new []{"A", "B"}};
List<object[]> oList = sList.Cast<object[]>().ToList();
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