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Here's the issue: When a Patient comes into the doctor's office, they can have their blood pressure taken 3 times. The first time is bp1; the second is bp2 and the last time is bp3.

I need to find the last time a patient had their blood pressure checked and what it was. I thought I could use COALESCE(bp3,bp2,bp1). However; the system doesn't always make the unused fields NULL. Sometimes, they're empty.

An example of the data would be:

PatientID bp1 bp2 bp3 12345 140/90 134/30
12346 NULL 128/68 NULL

Then, I thought I'd use COALESCE(NULLIF(bp3,bp2),bp1) but that isn't working because sometimes the database shows NULL for bp1 or NULL for bp1 and bp3, but there's a blood pressure in bp2.

Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?


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Please show sample data and desired results. Word problems are hard. –  Aaron Bertrand Jun 22 '12 at 18:51

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You would have to NULLIF each column individually to make the COALESCE statement work.


COASLESCE(NULLIF(bp3, 0), NULLIF(bp2, 0), NULLIF(bp1, 0))
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How about case? I don't know the datatype, so I'm guessing INT

case when bp3 > 0 then bp3
     when bp2 > 0 then bp2
     else bp1
end as bp

And for string (varchar) datatype

case when len(bp3) > 0 then bp3
     when len(bp2) > 0 then bp2
     else bp1
end as bp
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