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I embed the default Internet Explorer in my win32-C Application via COM/OLE. I display a web page having a link (anchor tag) to save/open a file. When i click on the link, It does some processing in the background but does not give me a dialog box asking to save or open the file. From Fiddler I come to know that it is writing to the cache but not able to access it or show any popup.

I expect to see the dialog box asking me to either save or open the file (default)

If i do this from the IE browser then everything works fine.

EDIT : I tried a sample code in which I do get to see the Dialog Box providing me with the option of saving, opening the file although tallied everything with my code I still fail to see the box.

I was thinking of the Modeless Dialog Box issue but I can see a Message Box in my code. So modeless dialog box is not disabled.

Not able to get how to get it to work.

(Note: Please see the attached images)

EDIT: I edited the The EmbedBrowser Function in my code, my browser was not given a pointer to my IOleClientSite object

New Code :- http://paste.ubuntu.com/1062010/

But problem persists!

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"via C shell"? Can you elaborate, maybe showing us some code? –  Deanna Jun 25 '12 at 11:04
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I figured out the issue.
The interface DWebBrowserEvents2's invoke method was implemented to not display the File download Box while downloading. Modified it to allow the same.

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