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I wan't to add an ext panel instead of html in ext grid panel. What I have right now is this:

features: [{
    ftype: 'rowbody',
    getAdditionalData: function (data, rowIndex, record, orig) {
        var headerCt = this.view.headerCt,
            colspan = headerCt.getColumnCount();
        // Usually you would style the my-body-class in CSS file
        return {
            rowBody: '<div style="padding: 1em">' + record.get("description") + '</div>',
            rowBodyCls: "my-body-class",
            rowBodyColspan: colspan

But instead of rowBody I will like to include an standard panel that so I could add buttons and other layout.

It's that posible?

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I am using ExtJS 4.2, in order to make it work, the Controller code looks like this:

Ext.define('My.controller.MyController1', {
extend: '',

onGridPanelExpandbody: function(rowNode, record, expandRow, eOpts) {
    var id = 'group-row-' + record.get('Id');
    var tpl = new Ext.XTemplate('<tpl foreach=".">',
                                '<p> {#}.{$} - {.}</p>', 
    var el = document.getElementById(id);

init: function(application) {
        "gridpanel[itemid='usergroupsList'] tableview": {
            expandbody: this.onGridpanelExpandbody

Notice the difference, yours grid, my code is gridpanel tableview

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So this is what I did to replace the rowBody with a custom panel

In my view I create this:

plugins: [{
    ptype: 'rowexpander',
    rowBodyTpl : ['<div id="group-row-{groupId}"> </div>']

In my controller I added a expandbody listener like this:

 'myList grid[itemid = usergroupsList]' : {
    select: this.onSelect,
    expandbody: this.onExpandBody

and the onExpandBody

onExpandBody: function(rowNode, record, expandRow) {                
    var row = 'group-row-' + record.get('groupId');
    var elem = document.getElementById(row);
    elem.innerHTML = '';
    var innerPanel = Ext.widget('panel',{                
        html: '<p>'+record.get('description')+'</p>',
        height: 100,
        flex: 1,

Instead of creating the panel each time you can use xTemplate of define a component to render to this id.

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