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Mercurial log allows you to restrict the query to branches:

hg log -b default

But Mercurial glog does not

hg glog -b default => error message

Is there any way to filter glog like this? Perhaps an ugly Perl or Python script operating on

hg glog --style xml | perl UglyScript

I am looking at revsets, but haven't figured out a way to do this.


By the way, why I want to do this, in case there is a better way: my teammates think I am too verbose and do too many fine grain commits, so I want to give them a way to filter out my commit messages from hg glog. I'll put my stuff on a branch. I'd like them to be able to ignore my branch (or tag, or label, or ...) (At the moment I am editing history at every push to the project masrter, which is wasteful and fragile.)

"hg log -b" is fine, but really want glog.

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Ah ha! I found part of the answer:

hg glog –r ‘branch(default)’

hg log –r ‘branch(default)’ works just like hg log –b default

except that they are in opposite order. (Unlike http://markmail.org/thread/43yvy7mljdfgp75h which says that -b x == -r 'branch(x)'

hg log –r ‘reverse(branch(default))’

revsets rule!

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