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I have a custom report called my-newsletters in Google analytics. I want to fetch this report with a php call to $ga->requestReportData(...) and then parse the response and format it up.

First I made an account to collect all my newsletter open and click hits - each time someone opens a newsletter or clicks on a link in the newsletter I capture that with a call to the __utm.gif on Google. That part is working and I include in the call ( in the Landing Page aka utmp parameter) some data such as the word 'open' and 'click' to distinguish the events and also some other data i hope to parse out later, plus i use the campaign field and maybe I should do something with the source field too - now I just dup the utmp field. So far that part seems to work.

Now I need help to define a report that will return that utmp and campaign field info and the number of hits each has taken, sorted by date of hit I guess. then i need to call that report from my php and then later parse it - the parsing part I'm not worried about yet.

PS: here is the code I use to generate the utm url

function getGoogleUtmUrl($source='Emails', $referer='opens', $estid='0',$mailid='0', $campaign){
    $var_utmcs=urlencode( 'UTF-8');
    $var_utmac = $stat_id; 
    $var_utmhn = 'mysite.com'; //enter your domain
    $var_utmn = rand(1000000000,9999999999); //random request number
    $var_cookie = rand(10000000,99999999); //random cookie number
    $var_random = rand(1000000000,2147483647); //number under 2147483647
    $var_today = time(); //today
    $var_referer = $referer; //referer url
    $utm_source = 'my_newsletter';
    $utm_medium = 'Emails';
    $utm_campaign = $campaign;//$_GET['url'];
    $var_uservar = $estid.'_'.$mailid; //enter your own user defined variable
    $var_utmp = 'mysite.com/newsletters/'.$referer.'/'.$estid.'/'.$mailid;//.$estid;//$_GET['url']; //this example adds a fake file request to the (fake) tracker directory (the image/pdf filename).
    $urchinUrl1 = 'http://www.google-analytics.com/__utm.gif?utmwv=4.3&utmn='.$var_utmn.'&utmsr='.$referer.'&utmcs='.$var_utmcs.
    // Now fire off the HTTP request
    echo "urchinURL1 == ".$urchinUrl1.' '.__FILE__.'  '.__LINE__.'<br/>';
    return $urchinUrl1;

seems like over kill to me but it works, I tried the code at https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/other/mobileWebsites and it doesn't work - the opens and clicks do not register in analytics - at least not on the real time page.

Please help.

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I suggest that you build your report query first, I recommend that you use Google Analytics Query Explorer for that.

And next use the reporting API from PHP to transpose the resulting query and extract the data from within your app.

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thanks, i had not found that explorer tool before, it helped. –  Calgacus Jul 3 '12 at 13:09

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