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Do you know any resource describing Qt SDK folder structure?

I'm wondering why some of dll files are in c:\qt\2009.03\bin and in c:\qt\2009.03\qt\bin at the same time? Having the same name they have different sizes (for example QtCore4.dll - 2 016 256 bytes in the first folder and 2 730 496 bytes in the second folder). What's the difference between dll files with the same names in both folders?

SDK default installation path is c:\qt\2009.03 and qt ends up being installed in c:\qt\2009.03\qt. Shouldn't qt be rather installed in let's say c:\qt-4.5.2 instead? Can I split SDK's qt from the rest of SDK and point SDK to the new location of qt?

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The qt subdirectory is the framework. That's what you'd get if you just downloaded the framework. The higher level bin directory contains the bits needed to actually run QtCreator. QtCreator is apparently compiled with Visual Studio (on Windows), and I think the qt framework libs are compiled with MinGW.

You can recompile QtCreator and all the bits you need to remove the duplication... and move stuff around... but why bother? You'll just have to do it all again in a few months with 4.5.3, 4.6.0, or whatever is on the way next.

Deployment is another matter. That's something where I would care about directory structures, etc. There's some documentation on what you basically need to do by TrollTech/Nokia here.

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