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I want to return a simple json result, something like:

{ 12323: true }

Or if I can't have a boolean value, then 1 or 0.

My spring controller is like:

public String getResultForXXXX(HttpServletRequest request, ...) {
    userId = 123;
    bool isSaved = true;

    // ????????? create object and convert to json
    return someJson;

So I have my userId and bool variable, I need to wrap in in a structure and convert that to json. I don't want to create a new class/type for this structure (preferrably).

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We've been using Jackson for quite sometime. http://wiki.fasterxml.com/JacksonHome and been very pleased with it. You would create a Java POJO with your fields and have Jackson serialize it to JSON.

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+1 for Jackson - very fast and lightweight! –  Andrew Jun 23 '12 at 1:56
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Java Objects

 new JSONObject().put("12323", "true").toString()
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You can just return a hashmap of this type from the method, with the return type of the method being Map<Object, Object>:

Map<Object, Object> modelMap = new HashMap<Object, Object>();
modelMap.put(Integer.valueOf(123123), Boolean.TRUE);
return modelMap;
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