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I have a small Sinatra app with both a staging and production environment on a single server with running Nginx. To deploy I am using Capistrano and capistrano-ext to easily deploy to different locations.

The problem that the staging environment always runs with the production configuration specified within the app.rb file.

configure :staging do
  # staging settings
  set :foo, "bar"   # will never be set to this

configure :production do
  # prod settings
  set :foo, "rab"

I have come to the conclusion that the capistrano :environment variable within the deploy.rb file doesn't config Sinatra in any way. I have also tried setting the ENV["RACK_ENV"] to "staging" to no avail.


server "", :app, :web, :db, :primary => true
set :deploy_to, "/var/www/staging.my_app" 
set :environment, "staging"
set :env, "staging"          
ENV["RACK_ENV"] = "staging" 

Any ideas?

** Update: I should add that I am also using Passenger.

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setting the rack_env variable within the nginx seems to do the trick.


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