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This is a google question, admittedly. But it appears all the docs have been removed and I can't find them anywhere. So I'm hoping someone can either show me some VBScript code to enumerate objects OR has stronger google-fu.

The merlin agent is an abandoned Windows component kind of like Alice that aims to teach programming by letting kids tell stories. It was introduced to me in this stackoverflow answer by Bob Mc (and frankly deserves way more upvotes). In any event, here's an example, assuming you're on windows and it's installed to the C drive (I've found that merlin is on almost all computers):

agentName = "Merlin"
agentPath = "c:\windows\msagent\chars\" & agentName & ".acs"
Set agent = CreateObject("Agent.Control.2")
agent.Connected = TRUE
agent.Characters.Load agentName, agentPath
Set character = agent.Characters.Character(agentName)

character.MoveTo 200, 400
character.Play "Surprised"

Wscript.Sleep 10000

Now what I'm looking for is other top-level actions Merlin can take. I know of:

  • Show
  • MoveTo
  • Hide
  • Speak
  • GestureAt
  • Play

Play takes an animation name. I'm also looking for all of those. I know of:

  • 'character.Play "Read"
  • 'character.Play "Write"
  • 'character.Play "WriteContinued"
  • 'character.Play "Congratulate"
  • 'character.Play "Greet"
  • 'character.Play "Decline"
  • 'character.Play "Explain"
  • 'character.Play "GestureLeft"
  • 'character.Play "GestureRight"
  • 'character.Play "Pleased"
  • 'character.Play "Surprised"
  • 'character.Play "GetAttention"

Can you help me find the rest somehow?

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You've stumbled across the hardest part of VB/VBA/VBScript -- the documentation tends to be lacking or fluid in location. Try checking book databases for old titles on Merlin. Any old titles would likely still have good information if its using VBScript and not VB.net. –  Andrew Scagnelli Jul 12 '09 at 17:31
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I'm not sure why I didn't try the Internet Archive[1] earlier, but it worked. Here's the Animations merlin can do:

Acknowledge 			Nods head
Alert   				Straightens and raises eyebrows
Announce    			Raises trumpet and plays
Blink   				Blinks eyes
Confused    			Scratches head
Congratulate    			Displays trophy
Congratulate_2  			Applauds
Decline 				Raises hands and shakes head
DoMagic1    			Raises magic wand
DoMagic2    			Lowers wand, clouds appear
DontRecognize   			Holds hand to ear
Explain 				Extends arms to side
GestureDown 			Gestures down
GestureLeft 			Gestures to his left
GestureRight    			Gestures to his right
GestureUp   			Gestures up
GetAttention    			Leans forward and knocks
GetAttentionContinued   		Leaning forward, knocks again
GetAttentionReturn  		Returns to neutral position
Hearing_1   			Ears extend (looping animation)
Hearing_2   			Tilts head left (looping animation)
Hearing_3   			Turns head left (looping animation)
Hearing_4   			Turns head right (looping animation)
Hide    				Disappears under cap
Idle1_1 				Takes breath
Idle1_2 				Glances left and blinks
Idle1_3 				Glances right
Idle1_4 				Glances up to the right and blinks
Idle2_1 				Looks at wand and blinks
Idle2_2 				Holds hands and blinks
Idle3_1 				Yawns
Idle3_2 				Falls asleep (looping animation)
LookDown    			Looks down
LookDownBlink   			Blinks looking down
LookDownReturn  			Returns to neutral position
LookLeft    			Looks left
LookLeftBlink   			Blinks looking left
LookLeftReturn  			Returns to neutral position
LookRight   			Looks right
LookRightBlink  			Blinks looking right
LookRightReturn 			Returns to neutral position
LookUp  				Looks up
LookUpBlink 			Blinks looking up
LookUpReturn    			Returns to neutral position
MoveDown    			Flies down
MoveLeft    			Flies to his left
MoveRight   			Flies to his right
MoveUp  				Flies up
Pleased 				Smiles and holds his hands together
Process 				Stirs cauldron
Processing  			Stirs cauldron (looping animation)
Read    				Opens book, reads and looks up
ReadContinued   			Reads and looks up
ReadReturn  			Returns to neutral position
Reading 				Reads (looping animation)
RestPose    			Neutral position
Sad 				Sad expression
Search  				Looks into crystal ball
Searching   			Looks into crystal ball (looping animation)
Show    				Appears out of cap
StartListening  			Puts hand to ear
StopListening   			Puts hands over ear
Suggest 				Displays light bulb
Surprised   			Looks surprised
Think   				Looks up with hand on chin
Thinking    			Looks up with hand on chin (looping animation)
Uncertain   			Leans forward and raises eyebrows
Wave    				Waves
Write   				Opens book, writes and looks up
WriteContinued  			Writes and looks up
WriteReturn 			Returns to neutral position
Writing 				Writes (looping animation)			

Here's how to get them all:

For Each strName in objCharacter.AnimationNames
    Wscript.Echo strName

1: (SO can't parse this link) http://web.archive.org/web/20080214075638/http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/funzone/agent.mspx

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I know it's late to answer this question.


you can download the Library and characters here.

you can find the documentation here.

you can find the list of supported animations here.

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