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Instead of having nested callbacks in JS, I would like to fire and listen to my own custom events. I don't need or want to access the DOM. Here's an example:

function doSomething(){
$.trigger('finished-doSomething'); //fire the event 'finished-doSomething'

//when the event 'finished-doSomething' is fired -> execute the function in the second  param 
$.live('finished-doSomething', function(){
   alert("I finished-doSomething");

Would it be possible to do that with normal javascript code or with a library like jQuery? If not, what's a good approach to avoid nested callbacks?


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Well, you can use custom events on some common element, say document.body.

// Subscribe
$(document.body).on('nifty.event', function() {
    // Handle it

// Publish

Gratuitous live example | source

Or for complete disconnection from the DOM, there are a couple of pub/sub jQuery plug-ins, like this one.

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$('#foo').on('custom', function(event, param1, param2) {
  alert(param1 + "\n" + param2);
$('#foo').trigger('custom', ['Custom', 'Event']);


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