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We all know about Boost.

What other free C++ libraries are worth using? Why? Are they easily usable with common compilers?

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Qt is a multiplatform framework that provides you not only with a great GUI toolkit, but also with a lot of different libraries and functionality that makes your life a lot easier, including a reimplementation of many standard C++ features, easing their use even further. It's heavily used in the KDE desktop environment in Linux.

It's an awesome framework. C++ almost feels like Java with it.

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What kind of libraries do you have in mind? Lots of wheel reinventing can be avoided if you use Boost.

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Allegro is my favorite for making small games.

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Blimey .... it totally depends on what you want to do. There are THOUSANDS of cross-platform and platform specific libraries for C++ and any one of them may or may not be useful to what you want to do. Personally, I have found very little of actual use in boost. Each to their own I guess but what is useful to one person is not, necessarily, useful to the next.

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OpenCV is really great for anything related to computer vision

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I like Xerces XML parser. It is portable and has rich generating and validating capabilities.

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