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I just can not find how to create an unordered list for Umbraco.

I am able to get the prevalues, BUT I can not output them as a list on the front end.

My code so far is:

  var myValues = umbraco.library.GetPreValues(12080);
   @foreach(var c in myValues){
      <li><a href="@baseNode.Url?category=@c">@c</a></li>                      


I am getting back the values as the one

  • item but they are not split up. I tried adding .Split() to the myValues in the foreach and threw me an error. Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's because umbraco.library.GetPrevalues(int id) returns an XPathNodeIterator so simply iterating through the values will not suffice. In the Umbraco Wiki you can find a great example on how to iterate and select the prevalues with XPathNodeIterator. I've rewritten it to fit the Razor context:

    @using System.Xml.XPath
    @using umbraco.MacroEngines
    @inherits DynamicNodeContext
        var baseNode = Model.AncestorOrSelf();
        XPathNodeIterator iterator = umbraco.library.GetPreValues(1094);
        iterator.MoveNext(); //move to first
        XPathNodeIterator preValues = iterator.Current.SelectChildren("preValue", "");
        @while (preValues.MoveNext())
            string preValue = preValues.Current.Value;
            <li><a href="@baseNode.Url?category=@preValue">@preValue</a></li>                      
    catch (Exception e)
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    thanks, i was a little confused about the XPath thing. I forgot to use the using XPATH. –  ClosDesign Jun 25 '12 at 16:47

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