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I've been asked to customize the 'Are you sure' question asked at the beginning of an uninstall of our product built with InnoSetup 5. Is there a way to replace the text or the entire question with a custom action during uninstall?

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Accepted. Sorry. Totally forgot to come back and look. Didn't know I had gotten an answer. –  William M. Rawls Oct 3 '12 at 0:31

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Do not modify Default.isl, instead just add a [Messages] section in your script and specify an override for the ConfirmUninstall value there.

Alternatively you can create a new .isl file (with only that [Messages] section) and specify both it and the original Default.isl in your script via the [Languages] section. (You only need to specify the specific messages you want to override; everything else will cascade to the default files.)

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