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I used fsolve to solve a function but the result shows

Optimization terminated: norm of relative change in X is less than max(options.TolX^2,eps) and sum-of-squares of function values is less than sqrt(options.TolFun).

A = 0.3490

Anybody knows how to solve this? Thanks!

My code is as below



function f=function_1_5_3(x,Z)

r0=.02;%interest rate
sigma=.15;%vatality rate of risky asset
mu0=.06;%drift rate of risky asset
gamma=5;%risk aversion rate
M=10000;%number of trajectories
N=55;%time period
T=55;%total time period
R=40;%time of retirement
dt=T/N;%each time period
Rf=exp(r0);%riskless reture

Rs=exp(mu0+sigma*Z);%risky market return

W=((a.*(Rf+omega*(Rs-Rf))-a_1).^(-gamma)).*(Rs-Rf);%regard as function 4

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what is function_1_5_3? – J-16 SDiZ Jun 23 '12 at 2:11
you need a pure function for fsolve. – J-16 SDiZ Jun 23 '12 at 2:14

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Is there a problem at all?

When performing an optimization (i.e. finding the value A so that function_1_5_3 becomes very small), you need to define what you consider a good solution. There's no point in waiting for days while parameters are modified by eps to eke out that one little bit of improvement in the solution.

There are several common heuristics to identify a "good enough" solution, for example if the x-values don't change a lot anymore, or if the function value doesn't change a lot anymore. Using the options argument to fsolve, which allows you to set values using optimset, you can select the tolerance in the unknowns (options.TolX), as well as the tolerance in the function value (options.TolFun), i.e. the amounts of change that are "small enough" to consider that the function has converged.

In your case, both the tolerance on the function values and the tolerance on the x-values is satisfied for the optimization. It is a bit surprising that both should happen at the same time. If the result is not optimal, you should either check whether you should modify the tolerances, whether you have made a mistake in the formula, or whether you e.g. meant fminsearch when you were writing fsolve.

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