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I need some jQuery assistance. I'm using for my lightbox, basically what I want to do is use what's inside the rel element to add and to the lightbox div.

<ul class="photo">
    <a href="#demoLightbox" class="image" data-toggle="lightbox" rel="/image/photo1.jpg">
      <img src="/image/photo1_thumb.jpg">
    <a href="#demoLightbox" class="image" data-toggle="lightbox" rel="/image/photo2.jpg">
      <img src="/image//photo2_thumb.jpg">

<div class="lightbox fade" id="demoLightbox">
  <div class='lightbox-content'>
  # Javascript will insert image src <img> depending on which link is click

From the Javascript file, I added the following code in the bootstrap lightbox.js data api

  $('.lightbox-content').html('<img src="' + $(this).attr("rel") + '"/>');

So it looks like this

  * ============== */

  $(function () {
    $('body').on('', '[data-toggle="lightbox"]', function ( e ) {
      var $this = $(this), href
        , $target = $($this.attr('data-target') || (href = $this.attr('href')) && href.replace(/.*(?=#[^\s]+$)/, '')) //strip for ie7
        , option = $'lightbox') ? 'toggle' : $.extend({}, $, $
      $('.lightbox-content').html('<img src="' + $(this).attr("rel") + '"/>');

I'm not use if I'm doing this correct, it is adding the image tag inside the .lightbox-content class but unfortunately, when I click on an image it loads but the image and lightbox div frame isn't centered. I'm presuming it's not accepting the width and height values from the image.

Any insights is much appreciated. Thanks so much.

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Would you be against changing to a different lightbox if it were to fix the problem you're having? – Adam Merrifield Jun 23 '12 at 1:05
Hi Adam, no I would definitely try a different lightbox if you have any suggestions. Thanks :) – Wasabi Developer Jun 23 '12 at 1:47
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I ended up going with Jack Moore's Colorobox,

Nice and simple :)

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