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                type: 'get',
                url:  'message.php',
                data: 'msg=' + msg + '&fromname=' + fromname + '&fromemail=' + fromemail,               
                beforeSend: function() {},  
                success: function() { } 

I use the following method to send the variables through ajax to message.php message.php then updates the database (mysql) with the 'data'. the issue I am having is that it changes 2 lines or more into 1 continuous line. so it skips return breaks. this is the text area :

<textarea class="textar" onchange="save();" onclick="this.value=''"  cols="45" rows="5">What would you like to say in the email?</textarea>

any ideas please?

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Change it into:

    'type': 'get',
    'url': 'message.php',
    'data': {
        'msg': msg,
        'fromname': fromname,
        'fromemail': fromemail
    'beforeSend': function() {},  
    'success': function() { } 

which should properly url-encode the values you pass in data.

The reason this issue occured is, as I guess, because you have passed a string and therefore you did not rely on jQuery's encoding mechanism.

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