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How can I check if the user is logged in in an ExpressJS/PassportJS app? I believe PassportJS will set the session automatically? But what variable does it set?

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session.passport.user which is set when calling req.logIn and unset when calling req.logOut

sessionStore = new MongoStore # RedisStore or whatever

sessionStore.get data.sessionID, (err, session) ->
  if session.passport.user?
     # Logged in
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If you've got it set up correctly, you should be able to see the Set-Cookie line in the HTTP response after POSTing to your session creation route (try curl -v -d "username=whoever&password=supersecret" http://localhost:3000/session/new with the appropriate substitutions for username, password and url).

However, to answer your question directly, you should be seeing connect.sid and remember_token by default. If you're not seeing this set, but can still dump a valid user object in your authentication strategy, verify that you've got the following lines in your app.configure call:

app.use(express.session({secret: "replace"}); // lots of options here, read up
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In connect.js you should check for request.user in your middleware

How to know if i´m logged in with passport

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