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This app I am making is perhaps going to be deployed on machines with differing screen sizes. Whilst I am setting the form to be maximised by default, the size of the directx control (which I want maximised also) needs to be done manually at present in code which isn't ideal. I wondered if there is an easy way to have it resize automatically with the size of the form window.

The winform is mazimised with:

this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;

And the directx control window with:

this.ClientSize = new System.Drawing.Size(1200, 1200);

I thought something like this would work, but it didn't (those properties aren't even available):

this.ClientSize = new System.Drawing.Size(Form.Height, Form.Width);

Sorry I am still very new!

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Take a look at the Anchor and Docking properties for your user control. Here is a good tutorial that shows how to use these properties: http://visualcsharptutorials.com/windows-forms/anchoring-controls

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Bah, couldn't get it to work, thanks for your suggestion anyway. –  user1166981 Jun 23 '12 at 4:56
I assure you, this is the standard way of doing this sort of thing in winforms. In what way didn't it work for you? –  MusiGenesis Jun 23 '12 at 12:03
Hi sorry to sound like it wasn't right, I know its something I am doing wrong, probably trying to run before I Can walk with c#. I put together the code but nothing different happened when I ran it. There wasn't any errors or warnings and I had spent hours trying to find a solution so was just a bit depressed! haha. –  user1166981 Jun 23 '12 at 19:57

On the Form's resize event, you have to call directx device's reset method putting new presentationparameters in. Also, you should use XNA over Managed Directx..

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