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Can anyone please help me to find out why this kernel does not work on nvidia hardware? It is not doing what was supposed to. Running on AMD hardware is all ok, the problem is running on NVIDIA GPU. Position is a homogeneous coordinate Vector, Radius is Vector of float and numObjs is the length of position, radius, maxInterval and mimInterval buffers. The number of threads are fixed in 256*16( Workgroup * multiple_of_cta ). NumObjs is 32k. Any help would be nice!! Thanks!!

    // BEG - Sweep and Prune
// =============================================================================
//                             Project all extents
// =============================================================================
// 1) Fist Step for Sweep and Prune Algorithm
// For each object, get it's extent projected on x axis
// =============================================================================
    // inputs : position, radius and numObjs
    // outputs: maxInterval and minInterval 
void projectExtents( 
    global float4 *position,
    global float  *radius,
    global int    *numObjs,
    global float2 *maxInterval,
    global float  *minInterval)
    int   numModels          = (*numObjs);
    int   globalID           = get_global_id(0);
    int   numThreads         = get_global_size(0);
    int   numModelsPerThread = numModels / numThreads;

    if ( numModelsPerThread==0  ) numModelsPerThread = 1;

    int   offset             = globalID * numModelsPerThread;
    int   remainder          = numModels - numModelsPerThread * numThreads;
    int   i,step;

    if ( remainder < 0 ) remainder = 0;

    // In case the number of objects are not multiple of numThreads
    for ( step = 0; step < 2; step++ ){

        // In case there are less threads then objects
        if ( globalID < numModels ){

            //  Each tread handles "numModelsPerThread" objs
            for ( i = 0; i < numModelsPerThread ; i++ ){
                // Just to facilitate the indexing
                int index   = offset + i; 

                // TODO - Only project on X axis. It should project on the best Axis! 
                float rad  = radius[ index ];
                float Mi   = position[ index ].x + rad;
                float mi   = position[ index ].x - rad;

                // Get the extent
                maxInterval[ index ].x = Mi;
                minInterval[ index ]   = mi;

                // Save the Ower's id extent
                maxInterval[ index ].y = index;

        if ( remainder <= 0 ) return;

        numModels          = remainder;
        offset             = numModelsPerThread * numThreads + globalID;
        numModelsPerThread = 1;
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What do you mean by "does not work"? Does it not compile? Does it not launch? Does it launch but fail to run to completion? Does it run to completion but produce incorrect results? Do you get any API error messages? If so what are they? –  talonmies Jun 23 '12 at 7:12
The answer is just trash, i.e., maxInterval and minInterval is filled with Junk . –  Caslu Jun 23 '12 at 12:22
Ok, but are you sure the kernel is actually running? Are you checking for errors from the API? What is the Work group size you are using? –  talonmies Jun 23 '12 at 13:56
Yes, it is running, no erros from API. I also have others kernels running before this one. I also tested on CPU and its ok. The workgroup size is 256. Im using a gtx 460m. –  Caslu Jun 23 '12 at 15:01
Debugging OpenCL code is certainly a challenge, but it isn't a whole lot different than the regular process. You need to break down your kernel into smaller pieces, perhaps by commenting out lines, and see where the problem emerges. If it "works" with AMD's implementation but not on NVidia's, you're probably reading/writing memory in an unsupported way (like out of bounds). –  Ryan Marcus Jun 27 '12 at 3:46

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