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I've been having problems with my CustomAdapter class where I can't use certain code for setting a QuickContactBadge to contact photo in my ListView.

In my CustomAdapter, a line of code like this currently doesn't work:

InputStream input = ContactsContract.Contacts.

From the above code, getContentResolver() gives an error unless I change it to:


And when I run the code, I receive no errors in LogCat, but the QuickContactBadge in my list doesn't change to a contact photo no matter what. I've searched through many tutorials, only to find that it is not well and/or documented.

Would I need to extend extend my CustomAdapter class to BaseAdapter (or any other adapter)? Currently, it is set to extend ArrayList<String>.

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Your adapter extends ArrayList<String>? How are you able to call ListView.setAdapter() with your custom adapter if it's an ArrayList? I think we might be missing a piece here, can you show some code? You might need to consider extending an adapter such as ArrayAdapter. –  cklab Jun 23 '12 at 4:48

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