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I would like to delete the space between lines in a text file using awk. How can I do this with awk?




The desired output would be

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awk 'NF' data.txt

will print out only non-blank lines from file data.txt. It works by only printing lines with the number of fields (NF) that are non-zero (i.e., greater than zero)


awk 'length' data.txt

works by only printing out lines with length that is non-zero (i.e., greater than 0).

There are other tools, such as sed or grep, that can do this too, but since you specifically asked for an awk solution.

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This will output only non-blank lines

awk '/./' test.txt

This is an alternative unsing grep (matches empty lines, then invert results with -v):

grep -v ^$ test.txt
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To overwrite the input file, you can use sponge: Is there a way to modify a file in-place

awk '/./ {print}' file | sponge file
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sponge isn't part of my regular Ubuntu installation, is this something that needs to be installed extra? Just curious. –  Levon Jun 23 '12 at 5:03
sponge is part of package moreutils .. it handles the overwrite in ways that are sometimes not handled so well, eg. symbolic links –  Peter.O Jun 23 '12 at 5:07
Thanks for the info, sounds useful, I'll have to check it out –  Levon Jun 23 '12 at 5:08

Perhaps those lines have whitespace (only) (or not):

awk '!/^[[:blank:]]*$/' inputfile

The same thing with sed:

sed '/^[[:blank:]]*$/d' inputfile
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