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OK, I know how to add class as well as detect the class of the div in jQuery but now I want to get the class name of the child inside the parent div and then add a class or id to the parent div that hold the child div.


    <div class="childdiv">this is the child divident</div>

after the div child class has been get or detected then add class or id to the parent div (in my case, I use class)..

the output should be:

<div class='parentclasshasbeenadded'>
    <div class="childdiv">this is the childdiv</div>

This just an experiment, once this succeed then I'm going to apply this to my actual big bang project, please help me, thanks in advance.

PS: I'm open to any suggestions, recommendations and ideas.

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this might help to figure things out.

$('.parent .child')[0]{
//there is
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thank you! work like charm –  Juliver Galleto Mar 19 at 14:22

You could also do

$('div :has(".childdiv")').addClass('parentclasshasbeenadded');
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Above will add class=parentclasshasbeenadded to parent of .childdiv

and to add id:

$('.childdiv').parent().attr('id', 'someid');

To detect class exists you need to use hasClass()

$('div').children().each(function() {
  if($(this).hasClass('childdiv')) {

    // to add class

    // to add id
    $(this).parent().attr('id', 'someid');

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if($(this).children().hasClass("childdiv")) {
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edited the answer to add proper indentation and braces. –  Spudley Jun 23 '12 at 22:06

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