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We have server which is connected with more than thin client machine. I have tried to block the websites ( facebook, orkut,twitter ) for all the users. it works fine for me. But , I want to block for particular user ( thinclient ) or by the way of IP address of machine. How can I do that.

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iptables is tool that used in Linux for protecting the system from ip or network if you want to block a particular ip or network just use this command

  1. If u want to block a particular ip like then use this command

    iptables -t filter -A INPUT -s -j REJECT

  2. From a network [network id is]

    iptables -t filter -A INPUT -s -j REJECT

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Actually I want to block particular web address from my specific machines ( thin clients ) –  Pavunkumar Jun 26 '12 at 6:50
if u want to block particular ip/wed address use this command iptables -A OUTPUT -d www. goggle.com -j DROP –  iam Jun 27 '12 at 4:58

squid is a proxy that is allow reduce the internet bandwidth and block the websites in linux os
For block a particular website use this command

1. vi /etc/squid/squid.conf /* for editing this file
2. Enter following command
acl bad(name of the variable) url_regex [http://www.google.com (if you want to block Google.com)
http_access deny bad(variable name)
http_access allow all
3. change the port number of the proxy that used in your web browser to 3128

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