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I wish to make a drag and select application in GWT where I wish to have cell table or grid of say 20*100 columns*rows. I want to add a event such that I can drag something like a rectangle with my mouse and all the cells in that region get selected or I can fire an event for each cell and assign each of them a same ID. The main idea behind the thing is to perform a selection by dragging and then grouping all selected cells as one, something like Excel sheet selection. Can any one help me out in this?

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I have once implemented GWT widget allowing to "select" some rectangular region of a table. Basically the idea was to subclass a Grid or FlexTable and do all the logic in various mouse event handlers (mouse down, mouse up, mouse out, mouse over).

The only minor hack I had to introduce was a method for getting the cell for any mouse event. There is a method HTMLTable#getCellForEvent that works for a click event, but when I looked into implementation of this method, I saw that it could actually work for any event, so I just implemented my own method for getting cell for any mouse event based on mentioned implementation.

Maybe it would be also possible to achieve this using HTMLTable#getEventTargetCell

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