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I have created an application with internal database LightSwitch..

Now I want to publish my application and I want to publish also data of my internal database..How can I do?

for example : I have an application Fantacalcio and I created some players in my internal database of when I publish my application and I install it in my pc there are no data in my application.. I want that when I install my application there must be players that I have created before..

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You can do it programmatically in something like Application_Initialize, or in a SQL script.

LS has no "built-in" way to pre-populate data, so it's a matter of choosing a workaround.

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One possible way is to do the following:

  1. Attach the lightswitch internal database to SQL server
  2. Export all the data into a SQL script, here are the instructions
  3. After you have the sql script (mostly INSERT statements), then run the script on your designated database.
  4. The exact same data should now be populated there.
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