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I want to show all users present in a database. I want to place all users in a list and then render that list to a template.

Then I want to iterate over the list of users displaying each in a <p> tag

For u in users:

I want to know how to retrieve the users from the database.

Public static Result render_f() {
  List<String> users = ask in db;
return ok(template.render(users)); 

Is the above approach reasonable? If not can I get some pointers on where to go from here?

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That is indeed the good way to do it. One more suggestion, try to check out the samples included in the framework bundle. – Jun 23 '12 at 12:29
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That's the basic syntax, often showed in docs and samples (check ie. computer-database sample


public class User extends Model{

    public Long id;
    public String name;

    public static Finder<Long,User> find = new Finder<Long,User>(Long.class, User.class);



Public static Result render_f() {
    List<User> users = User.find.all();
    return ok(template.render(users));


@(users: List[User])

@for(user <- users){
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great, Marcus. i will give a shot. thanks a lot! – doniyor Jun 23 '12 at 19:02

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