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Please see the following manifest. The Activity_1's primary objective has mapInfo refers to a Shared Global Objective with objective id = gObj-OB01a, but there is not any objective with objective id = gObj-OB01a. Is this manifest correct or not?

<organization identifier = "Course_1">
     <title>Course 1 </title>
     <item identifier = "activity_1" identifierref = "SEQ01">
        <title>Activity 1</title>
              <imsss:primaryObjective objectiveID = "PRIMARYOBJ_1" >
                 <imsss:mapInfo targetObjectiveID = "gObj-OB01a" writeSatisfiedStatus = "true" />
     <item identifier = "activity_2" identifierref = "SEQ01">
        <title>Activity 2</title>
                    <imsss:ruleCondition condition = "satisfied"/>
                 <imsss:ruleAction action = "skip"/>
              <imsss:primaryObjective objectiveID = "PRIMARYOBJ_2" >
                 <imsss:mapInfo targetObjectiveID = "gObj-OB01a" />
     <item identifier = "activity_3" identifierref = "SEQ01">
        <title>Activity 3</title>
        <imsss:controlMode choice = "false" flow = "true"/>
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Yes, it's correct. Notice that the primary objective "PRIMARYOBJ_2" is mapped to the global objective "gObj-OB01a" which means "PRIMARYOBJ_1" and ""PRIMARYOBJ_2" have the same tracking data in terms of Satisfied Status.

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