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I am working on a migration work to WordPress for a site where all user images of old site has to set as avatars in WordPress buddypress profile.

I wrote a PHP script to migrate all users along with passwords and working fine.

My problem is how to set user avatar using PHP code (not WordPress code). I didn't understand how it is storing and where in tables it is storing. I know the location it is storing be in format like,


How this randomtext.jpg is generating and where this information is saving?

Can anyone help me?

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Thats it you dont have to create any random text. Just create a directory with userid as name in inside "avatars" folder and save two images like say for userid (22),

wp_content/uploads/avatars/22/22-bpfull.jpg (150x150px) wp_content/uploads/avatars/22/22-bpthumb.jpg (50x50px)

or wp_content/uploads/avatars/22/anyname-bpfull.jpg wp_content/uploads/avatars/22/anyname-bpthumb.jpg

Thats it. No need to store in any table. Just create images in respective directories.

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Oh thanks got it. This is what I exactly need – Gopalch Jun 23 '12 at 10:37

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