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I have a parameter of integer datatype which is hidden. When i run the report, report gives me an error

Parameter X is missing a value

However if i make the parameter visible it works. I tried providing default value of 0 but that does not suffice my requirement as i have sub-report(Drill-dowm) depended on this parameter. Please help. Thanks!

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Hmm? If you have a parameter that's both hidden and required you'd have to provide a value through some other means. If you are doing so, please extend your answer and tell us how you're doing that. Without that info we can't help you any further... –  Jeroen Jun 24 '12 at 20:46
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Make sure that you have not specified Available Values for the parameter. Available Values should be "None" for internal and hidden parameters.

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Assuming you had the same issue as I had, trying to run the report on a web page using a ReportViewer component, I managed to fix that issue by adding a null parameter before rendering the report:

C# code:

var parameters = new List<ReportParameter>();
parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("ParameterName", (string)null));

Hope that will help

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I had to do an "if exists" statement for this to go away. It worked for me because it makes it always return a value even if that value is not need by my query.

    if exists (my select query)
    my select query
    select '2' 
    // '2' would never be used, but it made ssrs stop giving me
    // the stupid error and execute the rest of the query
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I want to add to dmbreth's CORRECT answer.

I was missing the concept that the value of the parameter still needed to be tied to something. Originally, I was tying the output of a dataset by using the Available values portion of the parameter properties, but according to dmbreth's answer, that could not be the case. Finally I moved my output dependence settings from the Available Values section to the Default Values section and that did the trick.

So, in summary, in the parameter properties dialogue:

General Page - Allow multiple values checked(this option is specific to my application), parameter visibility set to internal

Available Values Page - None

Default Values Page - Get values from query, [appropriate dataset, value here]

Advanced Page - No significance here

Hopefully, that is clear enough to benefit someone else with the same problem...

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