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I need to call a url (cannot be path) from command line which should run in background I need to call a a page from php exec function , that page will take 10+ seconds to load so i just need to call that page so that the load will not affect to he user

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One way to do that is to use fsockopen() to open a url to exec here is the full tutorial

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PHP doesn't support multithreading, but you can perform background tasks (only on Linux/*nix) by using fork. You'd use it like this:

// some logic here
if( pcntl_fork() == 0 ) {
    // initialise cURL here
// continue with your original processing
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By "call a URL from command line", I assume you will execute curl. In that using at could do the trick:

`echo "curl yourUrl.com/path" | at now`;
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