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i am trying to make a branch predictor:

this is the code that i have in app.py:

import web
urls = (

app = web.application(urls,globals())

render = web.template.render('templates/', base='layout')

class index(object):
    def GET(self):
        return render.hello_form()

    def POST(self):
        form=web.input(name='nobody', rank=0)
        if form.rank<=4613:
            branch = 'COE, ECE,IT,ICE,MPAE,BT'
        if int(form.rank)<=7471 & int(form.rank)>4613:
        if int(form.rank)<=11325 & int(form.rank)>7471:
            branch = 'IT,ICE,MPAE,BT'
        if int(form.rank)<=16565 & int(form.rank)>11325:
        if int(form.rank)<=17955 & int(form.rank)>16565:
        if int(form.rank)<=20714 & int(form.rank)<17955:
        return render.index(branch=branch) 

if __name__=='__main__':

this is the code that i have in my html file hello_form.html

<h1>NSIt Branch Predictor for First Round</h1>
<form action='hello' method ='POST'>
Your Name: <input type = 'text' name = 'name'>
AIEEE Rank: <input type = 'text' name ='rank'>
<input type='submit'>

This is the code that i have in the index.html:

$def with (branch)
branch: $branch

and i have the layout.html as follows:

$def with (content)
<title> first python website</title>

but in the output i am getting :

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I've never used the application framework that you are using, but there are numerous problems in your POST method. Here is what it should probably look like. Then I'll talk about the problems and some alternative solutions.

def POST(self):
    form = web.input(name='nobody', rank='0')
    rank = int(form.rank)
    if rank <= 4613:
        branch = 'COE, ECE,IT,ICE,MPAE,BT'
    elif rank <= 7471:
        branch = 'ECE,IT,ICE,MPAE,BT'
    elif rank <= 11325:
        branch = 'IT,ICE,MPAE,BT'
    elif rank <= 16565:
        branch = 'ICE,MPAE,BT'
    elif rank <= 17955:
        branch = 'MPAE,BT'
    elif rank <= 20714:
        branch = 'BT'
        branch = None
    return render.index(branch=branch) 

The first problem is that your first comparison was between a string and an integer: if form.rank<=4613. That should have been if int(form.rank)<=4613. Comparing strings and numbers rarely does what you would expect.

>>> rank = '4613'
>>> rank <= 4613
>>> rank > sys.maxint

Next, you were using the bitwise and operator & instead of the boolean and operator. For example, int(form.rank)<=7471 & int(form.rank)>4613 should have been int(form.rank)<=7471 and int(form.rank)>4613.

You could have improved this by using operator chaining instead of the and stuff:

if rank <= 4613:
    branch = 'COE, ECE,IT,ICE,MPAE,BT'
if 4613 < rank <= 7471:
    branch = 'ECE,IT,ICE,MPAE,BT'
if 7471 < rank <= 11325:
    branch = 'IT,ICE,MPAE,BT'

Ultimately, what you had is best represented as a chain of if and elif statements unless you want to use an interval based data structure of some sort. For something this simple, the if statements work fine.

Happy Pythoning!

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