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Suppose I have a web application, which uses jquery for ajax and UI. Now I would like to add unit-tests to it. I would like the unit-tests to run in a single process without launching browsers and separate web servers and I hope it is doable with the node.js and the following node modules:

  • buster.js
  • jquery node module
  • jsdom node module

Am I missing something? Is there any example of such unit-tests?

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Well, you can write your test routines with assert, but I'd like to recommend using unit-testing frameworks - more specifically, nodeunit. There's a neat article describing how to use this module to simplify unit testing.

And may I say there's actually a bunch of threads here with (ahem...) the same question - for example, this one, with plenty of choices. )

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Have you tested "assert" module? It's included in standard NodeJS, and you can do something like:

var assert = require('assert');
assert.ok(true, 'test fails');
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