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I have a jQuery colorpicker that the visitor can change and I am trying to figure out, how can I pass whatever value they enter / pick so that I can use it as a url query?

With what I have right now, you can click the color wheel to get a hex code in the input (such as #ffffff) or you can just type it into the input, but what I need to do is then take this value and make a link that links to the website's url plus ?color=#ffffff. I can just make a link next to the color picker to do this but I don't know how I can have it link to whatever the visitor chose in the color input.

Here is the live site: http://www.brainbuzzmedia.com/themes/vertex/

Here is the html for the input:

<input type="text" name="color-demo" id="color-demo" value="#ff0000" class="colorfield regular-text" data-hex="true" />
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This can show you your value


So just add it to your link:

<a href="" id="mylink">LINK</a>

like this:

document.getElementById('mylink').href += document.getElementById('color-demo').value;

the JS code above should be invoked when onChange for color-demo fires. For example, change:

<input id="color-demo" class="colorfield regular-text" type="text" data-hex="true" value="#ff0000" name="color-demo">


<input id="color-demo" class="colorfield regular-text" type="text" data-hex="true" value="#ff0000" name="color-demo" onChange="myfun()">

and create myfun():

function myfun()
document.getElementById('mylink').href += document.getElementById('color-demo').value;
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I probably didn't understand this right, but here is what I added. To the head I added "<script type="text/javascript"> function myfun() { document.getElementById('mylink').href += document.getElementById('color-demo').value; } </script>" Then I changed the input and added the link so it is: "<input type="text" name="color-demo" id="color-demo" value="#ff0000" class="colorfield regular-text" data-hex="true" onChange="myfun()"/><a href="brainbuzzmedia.com/themes/vertex/"; id="mylink">LINK</a>" – BRAINBUZZ media Jun 23 '12 at 12:58
As you can see- when you change text in your color field it changes the link's address to something like: brainbuzzmedia.com/themes/vertex/#ff0001 so please change myfun() to something like this: document.getElementById('mylink').href += '?color=' + document.getElementById('color-demo').value; this will make a nicer link- to index.php. Then you need to handle the new color in index.php script – Tom Jun 23 '12 at 15:02
When I change the color in firefox the link that I am getting looks like this: brainbuzzmedia.com/themes/vertex/… – BRAINBUZZ media Jun 23 '12 at 23:15
I thought you want to change color just once. So please use this: document.getElementById('mylink').href = '?color=' + document.getElementById('color-demo').value; there is no + before = . – Tom Jun 24 '12 at 13:24

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