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I know this is silly question but as a beginner at xcode, and i can't find the answer from any source, can i call numpad (numberic keyboard) from my action button? I just want my action button can call numpad like text field do. what code should i insert in my action button?

my code:

- (IBAction)setLoopBtn:(id)sender


Thank you again for sharing your knowledge to noob like me.

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-(IBAction) ButtonClick
      txtField.keyboardType = UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad;
     [txtField becomeFirstResponder];
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Create a UITextField with a frame that puts it off the visible screen. Assign the type of keyboard you want to display as the default for that field. When the button is tapped, send becomeFirstResponder to your off-screen field.

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after i read your post and implement it using Brijesh code, my numpad is show now! thank you both of you! but how i hide it now? thank you anyway – Piyo Jun 24 '12 at 4:01
Look in the documentation for things called resignFirstResponder and endEditing. – Phillip Mills Jun 24 '12 at 11:38

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