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I want to create a class which is derived from QLineEdit,but I can not assign a signal for Escape button.

The code was working until I add the cancel_signal() and then LNK2019/LNK1120 errors are appeared.

How can I assign a signal for Escape button???



#include <QtGui>

class LineEditAlphaNum : public QLineEdit
    LineEditAlphaNum(QWidget* parent);

    void setPrevNextWidget(QWidget* prev, QWidget* next);

    void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *);

    void keyLogic(QString& str, int key);

    int keyIndex;
    int lastKey;

    QWidget* m_pPrev;
    QWidget* m_pNext;

    void cancel_signal();



#include "LineEditAlphaNum.h"

LineEditAlphaNum::LineEditAlphaNum(QWidget *parent) :

void LineEditAlphaNum::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *e)
    QString str = text();

    switch( e->key() )
    case Qt::Key_Escape:
        emit cancel_signal();
    case Qt::Key_Up:
    case Qt::Key_Down:
    case Qt::Key_Right:
        keyIndex = 0;
        lastKey = e->key();
    case Qt::Key_0:
    case Qt::Key_1:
    case Qt::Key_2:
    case Qt::Key_3:
    case Qt::Key_4:
    case Qt::Key_5:
    case Qt::Key_6:
    case Qt::Key_7:
    case Qt::Key_8:
    case Qt::Key_9:
        keyLogic(str, e->key());
    case Qt::Key_Backspace:
        str.remove(str.size()-1, 1);



void LineEditAlphaNum::keyLogic(QString& str, int key)
    char* Keys[] = {"0 ",

    char* keymap = Keys[ key - Qt::Key_0 ];
    int length = strlen(keymap);

    if ( lastKey == key )
        keyIndex = (++keyIndex) % length;
        str.remove( str.size()-1, 1 );
        keyIndex = 0;
        lastKey = key;

    str.append( QChar( keymap[keyIndex] ) );
void LineEditAlphaNum::setPrevNextWidget(QWidget* prev, QWidget* next)
    m_pPrev = prev;
    m_pNext = next;
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Note that if you want the user to be able to move the cursor and delete any character (not only the last one) using the backspace and delete key, you should forward the left, right, backspace and delete key to the super class event handler. –  leemes Jun 23 '12 at 15:10
Also note that if your "linked list of widgets" (as I suppose you have here) isn't cyclic but you have null pointers at both ends, you should check the pointer for being null before accessing a member function (iIn your cases for up/down keys). –  leemes Jun 23 '12 at 15:12

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You got this linkage error because the signal is a C++ function, which hasn't been defined. This is normally done by the moc, which doesn't generate some code of your class.

Whenever you want to use signals and slots in QObject derived classes or need something else which uses the QMetaObject, you need to add


after the opening curly braces of your class definition.

Note that when you add this macro, you also need to manually run qmake, since the QtCreator tries to be smart and skips this build step if the .pro file hasn't changed. But the pre- or absence of the Q_OBJECT macro has to be considered as a change for qmake, since moc (the meta object compiler) needs to run over all files having a Q_OBJECT macro in the class definition.

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thanks,i really left it out,you saved me a huge burden –  amcali Jun 24 '12 at 7:14
@amcali No problem :) What I suggest is: Make yourself a check list of things you should check / do whenever your program doesn't compile. This list could contain: Insert Q_OBJECT macro in QObject derived classes, manually re-run qmake, completely rebuild your application, ... (Somethimes one can't explain some compiler / linker errors and they are caused by some missing dependencies in the Makefile or whatever...) –  leemes Jun 24 '12 at 9:45

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